4word Thinking Weekly Digest for September 5, 2012

iPhone 5 to be Announced Sept 12

If you read the digest, you might remember that on August 22nd we posted an article from TechCrunch predicting the next iPhone to be announced on September 12. Yesterday, we found confirmation that there is indeed a “special event” from Apple planned for September 12 . Be sure you notice the shadow beneath the “12”. Sure looks like a “5” to us.

The new iPhone is imminent:


Little Traps

It’s the little things that add up over time. Distractions. Checking email 100x per day. How much more could you get done if you could stop the noise and focus on your goals? A really short, but thought-provoking entry from the blog of Seth Godin:


Leadership and Solitude

While it may sound like a contradiction in terms, this lecture to the incoming class to West Point in 2009 argues that they solitude is absolutely essential to leadership. Not the leadership many of us see every day in the form of bosses, teachers, police, CEOs and politicians, but true leadership. The likes of those that founded the United States and those that pioneered the Industrial Revolution. There is a marked difference between Henry Ford and the “leadership team” that keeps the company he built rolling along. The text is long, but the message is deep. Recommended reading for anyone who seeks to fashion themselves as a leader:


The Next Pig Thing?

The creators of the insanely popular “Angry Birds” app are hard at work developing their next franchise. Looks like the “Bad Piggies” from the Angry Birds game are back. This time around the now-loveable swine are stranded on a desert island. The game is to build vehicles and contraptions to make their way to the delicious eggs they can’t get enough of. Look for it on iOS, PC, Android and Mac on September 27th.


Social Media Recommendations

We’d like to introduce you to a new friend of 4word systems and Twitter superstar Jessica Northey. Creator of the wildly popular #CMChat live weekly twitter chat, fingercandymedia.com and more, Jessica’s reach is far and wide in social media circles. We’re happy to be helping Jessica with her new site in support of her CMChat events.

Connect with Jessica on Twitter & Google Plus, and tell her Steve @ 4word systems sent you.

Just for Fun

Always good for a laugh, the People of WalMart website is updated regularly with hilarious photos of people shopping at the retail giant. Drop by and have a look at the best that humanity has to offer:


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