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Word #1 : Design

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the first of the 4 words: "Design", and explain exactly what we mean by "Design". If you're new to 4word Systems, you might want to check out the post explaining our "4 words" for an overview before delving … [Read more...]

The Web Development Process – What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Web Project With every new project, we strive to educate our clients on exactly what to expect.  Not every web developer follows this process, but we have found that it works well for just about every project we take on.  On … [Read more...]

Buying a Website – Two Vital Questions for Your Web Project

Face it, buying a website can be a little scary. We understand. Most websites today are sophisticated, multi-dimensional projects with scores of unknowns at the outset. Who will write the content? Where will the images come from? Will this web company be … [Read more...]

Magento Hosting You Can Count On

Now that we've been doing Magento hosting for over 4 years, through nearly every release Magento has done since 1.1.1, we've learned a bit about taming Magento.  With full support for Magento versions 1.3 through the latest build, we can host your Magento … [Read more...]

When Web Hosting is More Than Server Space

Sometimes, A Website Needs More Than Just Space Many companies are learning this the hard way.  As web traffic grows, the limitations of a "basic" or "shared" web hosting plan become painfully obvious.  Slow response times, errors, and outright shut-offs … [Read more...]

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