4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 8, 2012

Google is dropping 4 more products from their lineup to focus on “more popular” apps. Hope you don’t draw the short end of the stick this time around. The lesson here is to be careful which free services you depend on every day.


Zynga is “betting the farm” on mobile games. As the number of people playing games on Facebook and PCs in general declines, Zynga is investing heavily in mobile. They have yet to figure out the “secret sauce” to generate money from their mobile offerings, but they’re working hard on it.

The more interesting angle here is how this shift will impact Facebook’s revenue. At the time of the IPO, nearly 20% of Facebook’s revenue came from Zynga. This move by Zynga and the general shift in the market is bad news for those still holding on to their Facebook stock:


Email Deliverability – Bounces, Blocks and Blacklists

Email delivery can be confusing. Especially if you send out thousands, or tens of thousands of emails on a regular basis. In this article, we will help to demystify some of the common causes of email deliverability problems.

A post from our own blog. Read more.

With the Olympics wrapping up this week, here is an interesting comparison between elite athletes and entrepreneurs by Stephanie Chandler. Always enjoyable reading with a personal touch:


Social Corner – People we recommend connecting with on Social media:

Hillel Fuld on Twitter:
Tech Blogger, iPhone app aficionado and Twitter superstar

Robert Scoble:
Racker (at Rackspace Hosting), Photographer, Tech Geek and Social Media Rock Star

Matt Cutts:
Head of the webspam team at Google. For an inside look at search engineering at the big “G”

And for a little fun, type “do a barrel roll” into Google, or just click on this link:

Do a Barrel Roll on Google



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