4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 22, 2012

iPhone 5 Launch Date?

For all you gadget-watchers, it looks like TechCrunch is calling the iPhone 5 launch date. Based on the Verizon vacation blackout schedule, it looks like the latest Apple device will be hitting the market on September 21, 2012. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. Expect the announcement on September 12.


How to Make $100,000 in 1 Hour

OK, the headline sounds a little crazy, but here’s the skinny: If you can negotiate an additional $7,000 per year in salary, along with compounded raises to that higher salary, you can easily see more than $100,000 in additional income over a 10 year period. Now, salary negotiations typically don’t take anywhere near an hour – often 15 minutes or less – but at 7,000 words, reading this excellent article will take a little while. Normally we don’t feature articles this long, but I found this one so valuable, I had to share. An excellent article about how to negotiate salary by Patrick McKenzie:

Salary Negotiations – Make More Money, Be More Valued

Maybe You Don’t Want a Ninja

We are intensely interested in the talent market. After all, a company is only as good as their people. This article offers a different (and compelling) take on whether you should always hire the best, most experienced, rockstar, ninja talent you can find. There are a lot of good reasons to bring on smart, eager people and grow them to greatness rather than always searching for another rockstar.

Startups, Stop Trying to Hire Ninja Rockstar Engineers

Social Media Recommendations

Normally, we feature interesting people we recommend connecting with. This week, we’ve found a nice article highlighting 20 of the most influential people on social media. We’re sure you can find a few to connect with here:


Just for Fun

Have you ever wondered what the answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything” could be? Well, ask Google:

Click Here for the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

It turns out to be surprisingly simple (and a little fun).

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