4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 15, 2012

How to Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur

Very nice article by the co-founder of Yipit, which just raised 7.5M in funding. Great advice for those interested in tech start-ups. Whether you’re a founder, programmer, business person or just interested in how start-ups operate.


Converting Viral Traffic

Seth Godin’s recent blog post brings up a good point when it comes to viral traffic. Fact is that most of the traffic generated virally is drive-by traffic. The odds of a drive-by actually buying something from you on the first visit are dismal. The goal should be to convert these passing visitors into people who want to hear from you in the future.


From Our Blog: Web Hosting Infrastructure – Part 1

The simplest web hosting configuration is to throw everyting on one machine (or virtual machine), install CPANEL and hand it over to your unsuspecting customer. Countless hosting companies operate this way, and the purpose of this article is to discuss why that may not be the best idea for your hosting needs.

Read online.

Responsive Design – The Future

As the number of different types of devices accessing the web continues to explode, companies need to seriously evaluate how they design for the “web”. The days of testing in a handful of browsers are coming to an end, and the web design industry needs to let it go. Future designs need to be flexible enough (responsive) to display on devices with widely varying screen sizes, resolutions and capabilities. A good article in Fast Company:

4 Rules for Creating Interactive Content for a Multi-Platform, Multi-Device World

Social Media Recommendations

Here we feature interesting people we recommend connecting with.

David Kokua
Purveyor of business and technology news & information on Google+

Just for Fun

Ever want to just throw something? Try Google Gravity – it’ll keep you entertained for minutes.


Tip: make sure you do a search. You can toss the results around, too!

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