The All-New

Today we released a full refresh of our own website, Let’s take a look at some of the key concepts and changes with this major release.

Branding Overhaul

First and 4most is the total overhaul of the brand. For years people have asked us “what are the 4 words“? Finally, we’ve published the answer. An in-depth, complete and overarching answer that defines everything we do here. In case you haven’t been digging around the site, the 4 words are: Design, Develop, Promote, and Sustain. They are our guiding principles and detailed explanations are found throughout the new site.

Integration of Website and Blog

We believe that websites should be dynamic and ever-changing. A lot like a good blog. To this end, we’ve eliminated the barrier between what is our “website” vs. our “blog”. Now it’s all rolled up into one online “presence” at The “blog” navigation exists simply as a “roll up” of everything we’ve recently posted to the site across all categories. The content integration between “page” and “blog post” should now be seamless and flow naturally.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Our introductory pages are extremely brief, with links to deeper content (ala blog-post form). This keeps us on-point, direct and free of excess marketing B.S. We know our customers want to cut to the chase, and that’s what we do. When you want more detail, it’s easy to find right from the brief introduction pages. For an example, check out any of our 4 “word” pages under the “services” menu.

Connecting and Adding Value

Of course we’d like our website to compel people to contact us and give us a project to work on. In this day and age, though, we think you get enough “sales” talk from other would-be vendors. Very few of our pages end with the boilerplate “contact us now” link. We know you can figure out how to get a hold of us when you’re ready.

Our philosophy is to earn your trust by providing timely, relevant content, in a way you want to consume it.

So, we’re sending out a weekly email digest of interesting articles we come across on the web. We’re calling it the “4word Thinking Weekly Digest”. Notice that we don’t call it a “newsletter”. It’s not “news” and it’s not a “letter”. Yes, we’ll probably include one of our own recent posts, but we promise it won’t be “salesy”. The email will always have links to some of the best thinkers and writers from the world of business and technology.

We do recommend that you subscribe or at least have a look at one of the past issues. You can find all past issues here. All issues of the digest are published on our website, and we’re looking at more ways to make them available wherever, whenever and however you want to find something interesting to read.

On top of that, we’re starting up the Twitter and Facebook machine to bring you the very latest. We’re always monitoring our Twitter account, so if you have a quick question or just want to chat, hit us up at: @4wordsystems. You will see announcements on Facebook and Twitter when the “4word Thinking Weekly Digest” is published, along with a whole lot more. You should follow us, really.

A Long Time Coming

Most of the philosophy and ideas behind this new site have been in-process for a very long time now. We’re proud to finally bring it all together into a web presence that we hope you’ll find informative and useful. Please let us know if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can make it more interactive, dynamic and valuable to you as a user.

Thank you for your support.

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