What Exactly Goes On Over There?

An Overview of Services Provided by 4word Systems

Let’s face it, sometimes the internet can be a mysterious thing. It can be hard to tell from all the marketing jargon exactly what goes on behind the scenes at a company like 4word systems. This post is intended to be an overview of our service offerings so that normal people can understand it.  No tech talk, and very little marketing jargon. We call these “practice areas”, and they’re really quite easy to understand.

Part 1: Building Websites

A huge part of what we do can be simply stated as “building websites”. Of course, a lot goes in to every website project, but we can certainly summarize one of our core services as just that: Building Websites.

Part 2: Online Promotion

The second part of our service offering can be summarized as: Online Promotion. Slightly different than a traditional marketing or advertising firm, 4word systems specializes in digital media. Yes, this includes your favorite social networks, email newsletters and the like. And yes, we actually DO this work, rather than telling you what you should be doing for yourself. We create blog posts, post on Twitter, and just about everything else you can think of in terms of online promotion.

Part 3: Custom Development

Some times, an off-the-shelf platform will get a company all the way to their goals. Often times, it won’t. We understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf package can deliver most of the functionality, but then needs a little extra. With more than a decade of software development expertise across the whole can of alphabet-soup acronyms, 4word systems can take your project anywhere it needs to go.

Wrapping it all Up

To support our core objective of design – develop – promote – sustain (see this post for more), these 3 practice areas allow us to deliver a complete solution to our clients.  It’s simple really: build a website, which sometimes requires custom development, and then promote it online.  See, I told you it wouldn’t be hard to understand.

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