4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 30, 2012

Boulder VC Spotlight

This week, we’re highlighting two influential people in the startup community around Boulder, CO. Brad Feld and Seth Levine are both managing directors with a Boulder-based VC (Venture Capital) group called The Foundry Group. The Foundry Group is one of the most active startup funding groups in the country, and both Seth and Brad write extensively on all manner of topics related to startups.

Brad’s blog can be found at: http://www.feld.com and Seth’s blog is at: http://www.sethlevine.com

How Much Should a Startup CEO Make?

Seth Levine published a good, short article this week that looks at some of the factors that should determine a salary for a startup’s CEO salary. It provides an interesting look inside this mysterious number that is based on broad experience working with tech startups.


The Vomit Moment

Ok, the title is disgusting, but Brad Feld’s article is interesting to me on many levels. The fact that he was sued for fraud ($150 million worth), nearly ran a company completely out of cash and other personal stories help us mere mortals keep our own challenges in perspective. The lessons of the post is to take action and that time moves on after such moments. Good read for those with a strong stomach:


Social Media Recommendations

Stating the obvious, we recommend that you keep up with Brad and Seth by following their blogs and Twitter accounts.

Brad Feld
Managing Director, Foundry Group
Blog: http://www.feld.com/wp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bfeld

Seth Levine
Managing Director, Foundry Group
Blog: http://www.sethlevine.com/wp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sether

Just for Fun

OK, this one is pretty geeky.

Google uses the “did you mean” feature, which normally corrects misspellings, to illustrate a nerdy joke: defining the word “recursion” using “see recursion” and pointing to the same definition.

Recursion? Did You Mean: Recursion?

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