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4word Thinking Digest – November 11, 2014

In This Edition: Will the iWatch kill the fitness tracker? Competition is for losers and a giant leap forward in 3D printing technology. How the Smartwatch Will Kill the Fitness Tracker Wearable fitness trackers have been all the rage this past year. … [Read more...]

4word Thinking Weekly Digest for September 5, 2012

iPhone 5 to be Announced Sept 12 If you read the digest, you might remember that on August 22nd we posted an article from TechCrunch predicting the next iPhone to be announced on September 12. Yesterday, we found confirmation that there is indeed a … [Read more...]

4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 30, 2012

Boulder VC Spotlight This week, we're highlighting two influential people in the startup community around Boulder, CO. Brad Feld and Seth Levine are both managing directors with a Boulder-based VC (Venture Capital) group called The Foundry Group. The … [Read more...]

4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 22, 2012

iPhone 5 Launch Date? For all you gadget-watchers, it looks like TechCrunch is calling the iPhone 5 launch date. Based on the Verizon vacation blackout schedule, it looks like the latest Apple device will be hitting the market on September 21, 2012. Don't … [Read more...]

4word Thinking Weekly Digest for August 15, 2012

How to Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur Very nice article by the co-founder of Yipit, which just raised 7.5M in funding. Great advice for those interested in tech start-ups. Whether you're a founder, programmer, business person or just interested in … [Read more...]

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