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Get better results with a custom Magento search engine from 4wordsystems.

If you've had a Magento Web store for a while, you may have noticed that the built-in search is downright awful.  Producing usable search results requires extensive configuration and tuning.  Even then, the results are dismal.  Common misspellings are treated like a foreign language instead of directing your shoppers to the properly spelled variant.  Forget about all of your CMS content and category pages. They are completely invisible to the Magento search.  Even a simple search for "hours" or "phone number" produces meaningless results with the standard Magento search engine.

Like many who have experienced the shortcomings of Magento search, we have spent considerable time on this problem.  After searching high and low, building lists of synonyms, entering common misspellings, we had just about given up until . . . . 

We came up with a solution – a grand solution – one that not only produces better search results, but actually helps store owners to improve their organic search position on Google.  Imagine that!  

No more entering synonyms, no more common misspellings.  Categories are suddenly searchable, and all of your CMS content, too.  Heck, we can include blog content, and even content from other Websites in the search results.  

The real-world benefits of our custom search module for Magento are being realized by more and more ecommerce retailers every day.  If you are a Magento site owner that is frustrated with your search results, you owe it to yourself to contact us and ask about our custom Magento search engine.  

Better results, faster results, low maintenance and better organic Google placement.  What more could you possibly ask for?


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