The Luminous Group Upgrades to a Bright Future

luminous-group-website4word Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the relaunch of

As a long time client of 4word Systems, The Luminous Group knew exactly who to call when they decided to move from a static html based Web site to WordPress. At one time, the original site had met The Luminous Group’s needs, but over time, the corporation’s audience had grown beyond what the static site could support.

During our brainstorming sessions, it was clear that The Luminous Group was a multifaceted organization serving many different customers. With our site designs, we kept the best of the original site and worked to expand it.  Our goal was to provide The Luminous Groups’ marketing department with widgetized areas they could be easily updated to keep the site fresh.

Once the Web site design was picked, we transformed it into a functional WordPress theme. Working one step beyond the theme, we also built the page structure and advised The Luminous Group on best WordPress practices for using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS).

4word Systems is proud to be The Luminous Groups’ Web design, Web host and Web development partner.

About The Luminous Group, LLC

“Since 1999, The Luminous Group has helped hundreds of companies become more effective and efficient. TLG owner, Murray Sittsamer, is a ‘go-to-guy’ in the automotive industry for sustainable solutions to recurring and highly complex problems. He has a unique ability to quickly understand how businesses operate and find innovative ways to drive more profit to the bottom line, while growing revenue.”

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