Web Hosting Infrastructure – Part 2

In our last installment, we made a big deal about splitting off a database server from a web server for performance reasons. This time we'll talk about how to properly tune the Apache web server. The Biggest Mistake in Web … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Infrastructure – Part 1

Understanding When 1+1 > 2 The simplest web hosting configuration is to throw everyting on one machine (or virtual machine), install CPANEL and hand it over to your unsuspecting customer. Countless hosting companies operate this way, and the … [Read more...]

Email Deliverability – Bounces, Blocks and Blacklists

Email delivery can be confusing. Especially if you send out thousands, or tens of thousands of emails on a regular basis. In this article, we will help to demystify some of the common causes of email deliverability problems. We'll also describe the … [Read more...]

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