September, 2012 : A Retrospective

Creative Quilt Kits site

4word Systems works with many e-commerce companies including Creative Quilt Kits.

September was a month of progress for many of our "in-flight" projects. As we step into October, we're merely days away from launching one site, 2 weeks from launching a major project and waiting on final revisions to launch a third. We expect that the coming month will be chock full of new site launch reports.

That's not to say that we didn't get anything "finished". We released a major update to an important intra-company ordering site to support a whole new line of products in September. The release was coordinated with a nationwide training event for thousands of end users, so hitting the date was critical. We pulled it off with flying colors, and we're proud to say that we've had zero bug reports to-date.

Our e-commerce partners had strong growth in September. Year over year, our partner companies saw from 25% to 85% growth in online sales, and that's certainly not by accident. Our email marketing, SEO and SEM efforts are paying off in real dollars for all of our client sites.

Finally, we are excited about another exciting project we started in September. One of our regional clients contracted us for a mobile-optimized version of their e-commerce website. The site will feature "thumb friendly" layouts and navigation, with content and products maintained from a single database for both the web and mobile skins. Preserving ease of maintenance while making the site more accessible to a mobile audience. Another example of how 4word systems is staying ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned in October. We'll be releasing several projects that we've been cooking up, and it's sure to be exciting. October is looking like a very busy month as we ramp up for the holiday shopping season and get started on fourth quarter projects for our clients.

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